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Southern Post Mix Syrups !

Welcome to Southern Syrups Post Mix Solutions. We stock a large range of all the most popular post mix flavours. All our Flavours are in a 15L bag-in-box, except our Diet post mix and Energy, they comes in 10L. Each 15L bag-in-box package produces 90 liters of soft drink or 360 glasses.

All our post mix products are of the highest quality and are completely Australian Made by an Australian company and come to you at the lowest possible price to provide you with a more cost effective alternative to other more expensive post mix syrup brands.

Are you sick of paying $250+ for a box of Syrup? Are you looking for a less expensive service? Or are you happy with your current supplier, but missed your order date or need extra stock for a busy weekend? Then, Southern Post Mix Syrups can help you.

Southern Post Mix Syrups deliver free to Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong as well as surrounding areas, we also offer great discounts for online orders with heavily subsidised postage Australia Wide.

Featured Products

  • 15 L Lemonade post mix

    15 L Lemonade post mix

    $95.70  $85.03
    Save: 11% off

    Our Lemonade is a Quality post mix product that Tastes like (schweppes lemonade). Its sweet with a lite Lemon tang This product has been discounted...
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  • 15 L Cola Post mix (Premium Cola)

    15 L Cola Post mix (Premium Cola)

    $95.70  $85.03
    Save: 11% off

    Our Premium Cola is a quality cola Post Mix product that tastes like (coke) our test show many people can’t tell the difference between ours...
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  • Coke Fitting Adapter

    Coke Fitting Adapter

    $25.00  $18.99
    Save: 24% off

    Our Coke Adapters allow our Post Mix boxes to be directly attached to any Post mix Machines with Coke Fittings. ( To start you out We Will supply 1...
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  • Flowjet bag-in-box syrup pump

    Flowjet bag-in-box syrup pump


    Flowjet heavy duty advantage bag-in-box pump. Liquid outlet-3/8" ss barb elbow Liquid inlet -3/8" plastic barb elbow Gas outlet -1/4"...
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  • Procon soda pump

    Procon soda pump


    Procon soda pump, for the carbonated Water line.
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